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Accessible Design through Knowledge and Understanding

5 HSW CEUs recognized by AIA and the State of California

Next Event: January 20th, 2022; San Diego, California

Our live events cover 2023 CBC changes, plus selections from the Subject Areas below, plus Q&A.

Exterior Parking, and Paths of Travel

Detectable Warning Devices

Play Areas and Structures

Theaters, Auditoriums, Stadiums

Boating Facilities

Parks and Trails

Pools, Spas and Aquatic Facilities

Interior Spaces, Toilet Rooms

Accessible Design through Knowledge and Understanding… since the start of the field.

We provide the best information, deep experience, and a wide range perspective as a trustworthy Resident Expert on Accessible Design. We promise to be an approachable authority who Design Professionals can turn to throughout their careers; especially Architects and Building Officials.

As your career evolves, we promise to always provide diligent, proactive, and insightful Continuing Education. ADA is turning the architecture field inside out.

Our Resident Experts in Accessible Design are the best in the field, with immediate and clear answers on very complex questions. They make themselves available on a Quarterly basis for special Q&A review sessions, as well as for our signature Hybrid Live events.