CASp Inspections

Senate bill 1608 is a bipartisan legislature to promote increased ADA compliance in the state of California, through education and formation of a disability access commission. The purpose of this is to reduce the need for litigation over accessibility issues in the State of California.
SB 1608’s sole purpose, is to create a solution to ADA issues in California, that not only protects the civil rights of people with disabilities, but educates businesses of their rights and obligations under access laws. In essence, this bill encourages compliance in a way that reduces exposure to litigation and protects the rights of those who are disabled.
For the first time in California history, there will be a requirement for building officials and architects to fulfill continuing education in access compliance. This is to fulfill the need voiced by the disabled community, that there is very little knowledge of access laws in the building and planning process.  The lack of this knowledge hinders the built environment from becoming more accessible. SB 1608 will provide a function that will promote increased general knowledge of accessibility laws among building professionals.

In addition to the educational aspect, SB 1608 will require all building inspections related to permitting, plan checks, or new construction to be inspected by a Certified Access Specialist (CAS). The purpose of this is to minimize the inadvertent approval of noncompliant projects.

In order to encourage business owners to meet construction related access requirements, SP 1608 establishes a process for business owners to work with a CAS, to assess barriers to the disabled and to obtain a practical solution for them to come into compliance.

Greg Izor Is a certified access specialist and can issue certified inspection reports allowing defendants new legal recourse under SB1608.

For more information about SB 1608 please review the documents below: